Ground effects not only provide a unique look to your vehicle, they also improve performance and stability. A complete restyling kit may be one way to go if you want to completely update the look of your car without getting a new one. It is a total overhaul of your vehicle. Single effect options can also tailor the look to your style and budget.

There are three main ground effects. They restrict under car airflow and better direct air around your vehicle to increase aerodynamics and stability.

  • Side Skirts - This contoured addition adds flare as it directs airflow around your vehicle. Their lower profile restricts the movement of air under your vehicle, reducing air friction, improving handling and letting your car hug the road, even at higher speeds.
  • Front Air Dams - This gorgeous addition adds an upward scoop and a lower profile to the front bumper of the car. The wedge shape directs air flow up over the top of the vehicle, and the lower edge reduces the air flow under the vehicle, reducing lift and increasing stability.
  • Lower Spats - Attached to your existing bumpers, lower spats add contour around the tire areas of your car, redirecting airflow to further increase handling as it gives your ride a distinctive look.


Great for late model cars, ground effects can also help improve handling and efficiency as you rebuild hobby cars, and add a unique look to older vehicles. Ground effects offer style and function at a fraction of the cost of a new or custom vehicle.