Buying a Sedan VS. Buying an SUV

Buying a Sedan vs. Buying an SUV

When it’s time to buy a new ride how do you decide to go with a sedan or an SUV? You may have a preference or a style you’ve driven for many years, or you may be thinking about changing things up. Here we discuss some of the main differences between the two to help you decide which is best for your lifestyle.


Sedan Pros and Cons


  • Easy to drive on city roads
  • Low ground clearance allows for easy entering and exiting
  • Lower center of gravity means less chance of rolling over
  • Typically less expensive and lower insurance
  • Fuel efficient



  • Less room for passengers and limited cargo space
  • Not ideal for hauling or towing
  • Not suited for off-roading
  • Lower seating = less visibility
  • Fewer AWD model options


SUV Pros and Cons


  • Can usually comfortably seat 5-9 passengers
  • Able to haul and tow large loads
  • Higher ground clearance ideal for off-roading
  • Increased visibility
  • Usually have an AWD option which is ideal for poor weather situations



  • Because they are high off the ground, entering and exiting can be more difficult
  • Have a higher chance of rolling over or swerving
  • Harder to maneuver or squeeze into tight parking spots or garages
  • Not as fuel efficient and emit more CO2
  • Higher price point


When selecting any vehicle for purchase, keep your budget and driving needs in mind. You should also test drive several models of both sedans and SUVs and choose a vehicle that’s ideal for you. Once you have made your purchase, personalize your new ride with aftermarket accessories. Things like custom grilles, spoilers, body side molding and more are a great way to make your new vehicle the perfect reflection of your personality. These auto parts are an affordable way to truly customize your car or SUV. You may not be able to afford the newest model of your favorite vehicle that is on the market, but you can still make whatever you have your own.