An Overview of Painted Car Moldings

An Overview of Painted Car Moldings

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Car moldings protect your car from external damage, all while adding a decorative touch. Read the article to learn more about how to boost your vehicle's worth!

Many people rely on their cars for their daily routines. Working adults use their cars to drive to work every morning and then back home every afternoon. Families drop off and then pick up their kids from school on the weekdays. And car enthusiasts love to collect luxury vehicles to display, fix up, or go on joy rides.

Being such a vital tool for day-to-day life, it's important to keep your ride protected from potential damage, and while the most obvious solution is to drive safe and obey the rules of the road, a good car molding works as a mild lifesaver for when those unavoidable accidents occur.

What Is Car Molding?

Car moldings are a protective and decorative addition to most cars, installed either by the manufacturer of the car itself, or by a detailing service. They're often made of rubber, plastic, fiber, or chrome, and they are found on the bumpers, sides, or rear view mirrors. Chrome car moldings often come in metallic silver, or they can be painted to match the color of the car, while rubber and vinyl moldings are typically black or dark gray.

Why Is Molding Important?

Car molding may not be as vital to a car's function compared to its engine or tires, but it serves a vital purpose for all drivers. Many moldings are designed to improve the function of high-use areas, such as the shock-absorbent front and rear bumpers or the ridges installed on every roof with rack mounting, such as a minivan. They also help prevent more extensive damage in the case of collisions or natural wear while on the road.

How Can Molding Help Me?

Whatever relationship you have with your current vehicle, there are a number of reasons to install car door or side molding if it doesn't already have it:

  • Working Adults: Your car is likely your lifeline, your best method of getting to work or keeping up with your social life. That being said, you can't afford to have your car out of commission for very long if a runaway shopping cart scrapes your side door at the grocery store, or if a rear-end accident results in you needing to replace a dented bumper. Side molding prevents scratches by catching the bulk of momentum, whether it's your car or an outside object in motion.
  • Families and Kids: You want your kids to be safe at any cost, and molding can help you accomplish that. Car molding can reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your car, giving you more options to carpool your kids. It also adds longevity to a car, perfect for when your children are old enough to start driving on their own.
  • Car Enthusiasts: Not only does molding prevent damage, but it can add decorative flair as well, giving a streamlined chrome shine or an accent to an otherwise bland side door. It can even increase the value of the car if you intend to auction it off.

Add some new decoration and protection to your vehicle for any occasion. Explore your options for car molding and find a detail service in your area today.

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