Why Are Rear Bumpers and Bumper Protectors Important for Cars?

Why Are Rear Bumpers and Bumper Protectors Important for Cars?

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Rear bumpers are an important component in the protection of any vehicle. Sportwing outlines the importance of rear bumpers and rear bumper protectors for cars.

At one point, we have all encountered drivers who couldn't park properly, who carelessly bump into those in nearby parking spaces. Some are owners of old and beat-up cars who don't care about adding more scars to their bumpers. Similarly, at one point, we have all seen shopping carts being left carelessly outside grocery stores. It can be very frustrating to come out of the store only to find that the wind has pushed the cart, so it hits the front or rear part of your vehicle. At this point, you get to realize the importance of a bumper cover protector.

What Does a Bumper Do?

The rear bumper absorbs the shock during a fender bender. This minimizes chances of whiplash and minor injuries to the passengers in the vehicle. For a long time, people thought the bumper was just there to protect the occupants of a vehicle in case a crash occurs. However, it’s interesting to note this isn't the purpose the bumper was originally intended for. A bumper is a structure integrated with the rear and front end of a vehicle. It absorbs the impact in a minor collision. It is like a shield made of rubber, plastic, aluminum, or even steel. Ideally, it protects the grille, trunk, hood, exhaust, and cooling systems.

U.S federal regulations require certain specifications of vehicle bumpers. A bumper should be 16-20 inches above the surface and should be solid enough to withstand impacts. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the regulation, "applies to front and rear bumpers on passenger cars to prevent the damage to the car body and safety-related equipment at barrier impact speeds of 2 1/2 miles per hour across the full width and 1 1/2 miles per hour on the corners (of the bumper). This is equivalent to a 5 mile-per-hour crash into a parked vehicle of the same weight."

Bumper protectors are available for front and the rear bumpers. A rear bumper protector can be a set of bars attached on the bumper or it can be a rubber pad or a plastic foam-filled pad that can easily attach or detach from the back of the vehicle.

Read on to learn some reasons rear bumper protectors are important.

Protecting the Car When Parking

When parking, you may bump into a fence, pole, or another vehicle. Some parking garages have cramped conditions and cement pillars that can damage your vehicle if you hit them. Your vehicle’s rear bumper protector will provide some cushioning and protect your bumper from incurring damage from the impact of lightly hitting something.

Paint Protection

The paint on your car may be at risk, especially in a public place or at a grocery store parking lot where a cart can accidentally clip the back of your car. A rear bumper protector will protect the back from any scratches on your paintwork.

Visual Aesthetics

Apart from the functional benefits, rear bumper protectors can make a vehicle look more visually appealing. Some rear bumper protectors are sporty and come in nice color schemes that can make the car look classy and more luxurious.

It is evident that a rear bumper protector does so much to shield your vehicle from damage.

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