Picking the Right Door Edge Guard for Your Car

Picking the Right Door Edge Guard for Your Car

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When looking to add edge guards to your vehicle, take into account what kind of vehicle you're driving to ensure that you can properly protect the paint job.

An edge guard, otherwise known as a car door guard, car door trim, car door protector, or car door molding, is something that helps keep your car protected. Its sole purpose is to ensure that your vehicle stays intact. Rather than letting the paint get damaged, an edge guard acts as a shield to prevent any unnecessary damage. So, whether you want to protect your new paint job or help your car keep its original paint job, adding an edge guard might be the best thing you can do.

Protect the Paint

Everyone wants their vehicle to look nice. However, paint does more than make your car or truck look nice. It also helps prevent both deterioration and rust. So, if you want your vehicle to last longer, you should keep the paint job from being damaged. Therefore, you should probably find some car door moldings that actually protect your paint. Your car will be happier when its coat of paint lasts longer.


Finding the right edge guards for your car might mean finding ones that can be easily replaced. When life happens, you may find that your edge guards take the brunt force. You can be extremely safe and take every precaution. However, you may find that you want to replace your edge guards after a while. So, before you invest, consider finding an edge guard supplier who will keep your car protected for years to come.

Color Options

When looking at potential edge guard options, you don't need to limit yourself to only one color choice. Edge guards come in a variety of colors for you to pick from. Perhaps you want something that blends in nicely with the paint job. Perhaps you need something that adds some extra flair to your vehicle. Regardless of what color vehicle you have, there's a high chance that you'll find something that will go nicely with your vehicle.


Deciding on what size you need all depends on what vehicle you're driving. Normally, you can find edge guards that come in three shapes. If you have a large vehicle, go with a large edge guard. Full edge guards are perfect for most cars since they're designed to protect cars of varying sizes. However, if you're driving a compact vehicle, consider going with reduced edge guards. Keep in mind what size vehicle you have while you pick out your next edge guard.


Edge guards usually come in three different shapes. Each of these shapes is signified by an alphabetical letter relative to how it appears. J-shaped edge guards will cover one side and come with a lip. L-shaped edge guards are like J-shaped edged guards but wrap around less. On the other hand, all U-shaped edge guards are designed to wrap around the edge.

Personalized Protection

Protection should be a top priority when it comes to picking out the best door edge for your vehicle. To help maximize protection, make sure that you find a car door guard that's designed to keep your car safe. Consider every option and consider asking for assistance when in doubt. Not every edge guard is made the same way. So, double check what options are available to ensure you can keep your paint job safe. Check out what Sportwing has to offer for your car.

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