Major Benefits of Chrome Body Side Molding

Major Benefits of Chrome Body Side Molding

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If you’re like a lot of people, it’s important to you that your car look as good as possible at all times. Find out the ways chrome body molding can help.

If you love your car or truck, it's important that you give it the treatment it so richly deserves. Naturally this means changing its oil and taking it in for regular tune-ups, but it also means making modifications, so you can get the most out of it. While some modifications are purely aesthetic, others are performance-oriented, and others are for protection. Chrome body side molding is one modification that looks cosmetic, but it is actually much more than that. Here are some reasons why.


Chrome is made from chromium (that's #24 on the periodic table). In case you haven't noticed, chrome is famous for the shine it brings to cars. Polished chrome has been a signature of fine automobiles for a century, so you know it looks good. Sure, you could get plastic or other types of painted body side molding, but what's the fun in that? Only chrome has that gleam that people associate with every type of beautiful car from classic Pontiacs to hot-rods. You don't want to settle for anything less.


While chrome molding looks great, it does more than just provide a little shine. It offers a degree of protection between your door and the outside world. It's in the perfect spot so that when the person in the car neighboring yours in a parking lot swings their door open, it hits the molding instead of the car. While it can be annoying to have someone ding up your new chrome molding, it is far cheaper and easier to replace the molding than to have to pay for body work to repair your door.

Protect Your Paint Job

Because chrome body side molding sticks out away from the door, it protects the paint job on your entire door. Your car's paint will be safe from scratches from other car doors, shopping carts, or anything else that might whack the side of your vehicle. Not only can you save money on damage done to your car door, but you won't have to deal with touching up damaged paint or having to undergo a whole new paint job because of someone else's car door etiquette.


Chrome body side molding works for every kind of car. There's no one standard that can be installed on some cars, but not on others. Chrome molding can always be adapted to whatever you're driving and, frankly, it'll always look good. Like with other modifications such as graphics packs, spoilers, and runners, they're easy to install, so you can continue to update your car or truck at any time to keep it looking fresh. When you're purchasing other modifications for your car, the same companies that carry those items almost certainly carry molding as well, so it's easy to include chrome molding along with everything else on your next purchase.

Chrome body side molding is not just a vanity choice. It's one of those rare things you can purchase for your car that actually protects as well as it beautifies. To check out chrome body side molding — as well as other modifications for your car — check out today!

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