The Benefits of Painted Body Side Moldings with Chrome Insert

The Benefits of Painted Body Side Moldings with Chrome Insert

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Painted body side moldings with chrome inserts are an ideal, low-cost method of customizing the car you love. Sportwing has molding for dozens of models.

For some people, customizing a car means nothing more than connecting their phone to the Bluetooth system, adding a charger, or maybe adding a logo decal of their favorite professional sports team or university. But for car lovers, customization means something more. A new car is a blank canvas, with dozens of opportunities from headlights to tailpipe, to put their personalized stamp on it and make it their own.

Sportwing offers myriad options to customize your ride. One of the most affordable and functional ways to add some subtle flair is with body side moldings. Read on for more information, and to learn how painted body side moldings can benefit your car.

Cost-Effective Protection

If “clothes make the man,” as the saying goes, then it’s fair to argue that “paint makes the car,” insofar as first impressions. There was a time not so long ago when candy apple red and sunburst yellow were saved primarily for high-end sports cars. Automobile manufacturers have realized in recent years that people with modest budgets also love eye-catching colors. Take a quick glance the next time you drive to work. You’ll see SUVs, sedans, and the occasional pickup truck looking like they came from a candy shop: lime green, electric blue, vibrant orange, and even gold.

Painted-to-match body side molding is an ideal way to protect that sparkling paint job, no matter what color the car is. The low-profile molding is designed to perfectly match your car’s color. It blends into that beautiful profile view of the car that made you fall in love with it in the first place. As a bonus, the painted body side molding is designed to protect your door from the dings, scratches, and dents that most often ruin paint jobs.

Less Is More

As much as you love your car’s sparkling hue, maybe you think there’s just one more tiny element needed to set it off and make it perfect, like sprinkles on an ice cream sundae. Enter Sportwing’s painted body side moldings with chrome insert.

The chrome insert doesn’t overwhelm the color you love. Instead, it’s a welcome accent. The shiny, reflective chrome adds just the right element of gleam, and will make your car look so good you’ll be jealous that you can’t see it driving down the road.

Customize on a Budget

If money were no object, we’d all have the nicest of everything we love. Movie buffs would have insane in-home theaters, sports nuts would have front-row seats to all their favorite teams, and car aficionados would have house-sized garages filled with their favorite models.

Back in the real world, however, almost everybody is on a budget. The good news is that painted body side moldings fit into most every budget. For around $200 or less, you can add a stunning visual element to your car that will save you the time, aggravation, and cost that comes with repairing unsightly scratches on your car’s door.

Sportwing has been supplying top custom automotive accessories for more than 40 years. We can help you achieve the vision you have for your car. Contact us today to learn more!

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