Bumper Repair: Major Causes of Car Dents

Bumper Repair: Major Causes of Car Dents

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Do you know where your car is most likely to get dented? Read on to learn about the benefits of a rear bumper protector from the car experts at Sportwing.

Once you’ve invested in a car, it’s natural to want to keep it in the best possible shape. Unfortunately, life happens, and dents and dings can take away from the pristine status of your vehicle. Read on to learn about some of the most common causes of car dents and why a rear bumper protector is a good investment.

Parking Lot Door Dings

One of the most common ways people’s cars get dented is by other car doors in parking lots. Whether from parking too close to the line, a car full of kids flinging doors open, the wind catching a door and hurling it open, or just someone else’s carelessness, everyone knows the dreaded feeling of coming back to your car and realizing someone else has dinged your car with their door. While there are some cases where there is truly nothing you can do about it, in many cases you can prevent these kinds of problems by parking in a spot further away from the door and therefore the rush and madness of a crowded parking area.

Runaway Shopping Carts

If you haven’t noticed, parking lots are one of the worst places for your car and keeping everything dent-free. At most grocery stores, there are places to return and corral shopping carts, but not everyone utilizes them properly. Whether someone leaves their cart in the parking lot or a particularly windy day creates runaways, a loose shopping cart that runs into your car can causes scratches and dents. Always putting your cart back where it goes and trying to park away from the places where people are likely to leave loose carts can help prevent this scenario.

Toys and Balls

Of course, it’s not just parking lots where your car is at risk. Toys, balls, and other recreational equipment that gets loose can end up denting your vehicle. Think neighborhood baseball games, driving ranges, Frisbee parks, sports fields, and other areas where balls are flying. The closer you park to the area of play, the more likely it is that a rouge ball will make contact with your car.

Mother Nature

While many dents and dings are caused by other people, whether accidentally or intentionally, sometimes Mother Nature is the one to blame. Hail damage, sleet, damage caused by snow or ice storms, and other weather-related problems can occur while parked or driving. Parking in a garage or using a cover can help, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do when the forces of nature are at play.

The Car Wash

One place that can cause damage yet is often overlooked by car owners is the car wash. Those automatic car washes have a lot of moving parts and are more concerned with cleanliness than being gentle. This can result in various scratches or dings while your car is on the conveyor. Washing by hand is a much safer choice.

Driving Hazards

While driving, no matter how cautious you aim to be, things like fender benders, debris flung by trucks on the freeway, backing into something, parking too close to the curb, neighbor kids riding bikes, and other unpredictable situations come up that can cause damage to your vehicle. To keep your car protected and dent free, check out the rear bumper protectors available from Sportwing today.

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