5 Different Ways to Utilize Custom Chrome Trim

5 Different Ways to Utilize Custom Chrome Trim

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For decades automobile manufacturers have been adding chrome to make their cars beautiful. Find out how you can use chrome trim to make your own car a classic.

If there's anything we know for sure, it's that nothing has the cool, classic look of chrome. From the first time you lay eyes on an older vehicle, you fall in love with chrome's gorgeous shine. However, just because chrome looked good on cars from decades ago, doesn't mean it can't still be used to decorate your car today. In fact, motorists all over the country are realizing the benefits of utilizing chrome for car door molding and body side molding. Here are some ways customized chrome trim can help you.


As pretty as it is, chrome has always served a purpose. That primary purpose is protection. New cars don't have any molding and are vulnerable to being scratched by jerks recklessly opening doors in parking lots or slamming into the side of your car with a shopping cart. Adding chrome as a car door protector is the perfect way to save your vehicle from unsightly dings and scratches, and if you can add protection while updating your car with a little style, you're looking at a win-win.

It Looks Sharp

Let's face it, chrome looks fantastic. After all, the reason chrome was the accent of choice in the US automobile industry for 50 years is because the look is so popular. Using chrome trim has the effect of adding a touch of elegance to any automobile. Chrome accents added along the sides of cars and on the car doors contributes a finished, stylized look that's lacking in modern cars. It's also particularly effective in decorating truck tailgates and front grills.

Covering Flaws

If your car is already suffering from a few unsightly dings and dents, covering them with shiny chrome molding is a great way to obscure those annoying imperfections while upgrading your car's look at the same. No matter how irritating those scratches may be, by applying chrome, all anyone sees is the gorgeous chrome. Who cars about what's underneath? Also, adding chrome molding is far less expensive than getting a body shop to fix any number of small dents.

An Easy Face-Lift

If you take your truck off road, parts of your truck such as the rocker are likely to get beat up and age prematurely compared to the rest of the car. Using chrome molding as rocker panels brightens up your old truck, diminishing the after effects of tough driving conditions. Also, by applying chrome wheel molding, you can prevent rocks from bouncing up on the interior part of the wheel and doing extensive internal damage.

Like a Second Bumper

Adding chrome molding onto the front or rear bumper adds an extra layer of protection for your car that looks far better than the old rubber bumper. That extra buffer will come in handy when you have to park your car in a crowded neighborhood overnight. Also, while it may suffer scratches from incompetent parallel parkers, it can easily be replaced, so your car can always look fresh.

Chrome trim is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your car or truck. So, instead of putting up with unsightly dents and scratches, apply some chrome molding from Sportwing and freshen up your vehicle today.

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