The Basics of Chrome Body Side Molding

The Basics of Chrome Body Side Molding

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Do you want to easily customize your vehicle? Sportwing explains the basics of chrome body side molding as well as a few of the benefits you should know about. 

One popular after-market upgrade you can give your vehicle is a chrome body side molding. Chrome molding not only looks good on whatever vehicle you're driving, but it has additional benefits that you may not have known about as well. Here are the basics of chrome molding you should know about.

What Are Body Side Moldings?

If you don't know a lot about cars, you may not be familiar with the term body side molding at all. Body side moldings are small strips added to vehicles after-market on the sides to provide both contrast and additional protection against dents and dings. The molding is typically placed down lower where dings commonly occur. Side molding can be made of rubber, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum, or chrome. 

How Do Moldings Add Protection?

As mentioned, the moldings are placed on the lower part of the car where vehicles typically sustain damage from being "doored", or from other causes as well. The molding protects your car by keeping the damage from the main body of the car, which can be a costly repair, but it also keeps the body of the vehicle in better overall condition. Fewer scrapes, dents, and scratches lowers the likelihood of rust problems in the future.

Why Chrome Molding?

Now that you know that side molding comes in numerous materials, you may be wondering why you should choose chrome for your molding material. Side molding is a common after-market addition, but many people choose a color that blends in with their vehicle's color. However, you can set your vehicle apart by choosing chrome. Chrome moldings are made of chromium, which is known for its shine. Using chrome not only makes your car unique, but it's also a durable material, so your car's paint job will be safer as well. 

How Do You Install Moldings?

Installing side body moldings is easier than you may expect. You can even purchase the kits online from a reputable dealer if you know your vehicle make, model, year, and paint code, which is easy to locate. Directions for installation are included with these kits and in most cases only require simple tools that are likely in your garage already.

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